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Aromatherapy Workshops
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Since the beginning, Ravensara has promoted Aromatherapy, the specific use of genuine essential oils for the enhancement of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We carefully source pure, organic essential oils that are grown, harvested and distilled for the discerning aromatherapy consumer. The oils we carry differ from conventional essential oils – they are genuine and authentic, not redistilled, co-distilled, rectified, diluted or commercially adjusted with synthetic or natural additives.

Essential oils are used in two main ways: by inhalation and by applying to the skin. Methods for use are simple and easy to learn, ranging from smelling oils directly from the bottle or diffusing oils in a room to using oils in a bath or shower or as a body rub.

We have over 125 essential oils in stock. Our list of essential oils includes three types of organic lavender, three types of organic rosemary and all the basic essential oils that form the backbone of an aromatherpy practice. We also offer specialty organic essential oils (such as Holy Basil from India and absolutes such as coffee and cacoa). And we offer those precious oils favoured by many such as Rose, Sandalwood and Neroli.

To purchase any of our high quality, organic essential oils, go to our online shop at ravensarashop.com

From time to time, Sonia McCaul, the owner of Ravensara and a certified aromatherapist, holds aromatherapy workshops. In a typical hands-on workshop, participants sample genuine organic essential oils and hydrosols and learn how and why they work; which oils are best suited for what conditions; easy and effective methods of use; safety issues and possible contra-indications; and how to blend personalized formulas for skin and body care or ambient fragrancing.

If you are interested in signing up for the next session, go to our online ravensarashop.com to register.