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Ravensara has always offered a range of Canadian art including original oil and acrylic paintings, etchings, ceramic art, photography and sculpture. We choose and highlight artists whose work reflects the Canadian experience and reveals the intimate expression of their creative spirit.

Here are our current featured artists:

photo of young woman and yound mans faces. Both happy. Woman has a puffy beahive type hair due
Paintings by Heather Bale  

Heather is an Ottawa artist whose small paintings of birds and landscapes have been purchased by many over the years.   Heather’s works are all original oil paintings which are life-like reproductions of the birds commonly seen around Ottawa as well capturing sites and landscapes around the area.

For the full collection of Heather’s paintings available to be purchased, check our online store at ravensarashop.com
Paintings of a red cadinal on a snowy pin branch in an orange tortoise like frame. An orange tummy black bird on a leafy branch, gray green background with an orange wood frame. A Yellow Goldfinch on a branch with a green gray background with 2 yellow sunflower leaves in the background and an overal dark frame with a metallic vien of copper colour.
Greg Shafley, Printmaker

Greg Shafley has spent most of his adult life in Northern Ontario. His art prints capture and reflect the natural beauty of his northern Ontario home. As a printmaker, Greg involves himself with two essential processes in the creation of his art – the technical aspect of working with acids on metal, inks and presses and the aesthetic response to the subject matter. These two processes are interwoven and as they work in harmony, beautiful pieces of art emerge.

“In my work I try to develop a sense of universal emotion and feeling. If I can leave a person with somewhat heightened feelings, I have succeeded.”

Greg Shafley received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Mount Allison University in Nova Scotia in 1975. He has since become a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, as well as the Society of Canadian Artists. In moments between working and creating, Greg enjoys designing and building his house on the north shore of Lake Huron.

Purchase any of our current Greg Shafley prints at ravensarashop.com

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Greg Shafley prints - Titled: Green Canoe on water - three quarter view. Titled: Lets Be Alone Togther- 2 leafy trees intertwined on a horzontal landscape - brown dirt and whitish sky. Titled: Island Shoreline- pine trees and green water, low land, background is a misty green, blue, white sky.,
The Magical World of Charles van Sandwyk

Charles van Sandwyk was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1966. In 1977, he emigrated with his family to Vancouver, Canada. By the early 1980's, he was selling his drawings and watercolours in a style reminiscent of the old prints and paintings which hung in the family home.

Van Sandwyk studied graphic design at the Capilano College art programme in North Vancouver. Upon completion in 1986, the wanderlust of younger years sent him travelling to the South Pacific. He discovered the Fiji Islands, and fell in love with a remote island and its inhabitants

In that same year, van Sandwyk won an Alcan award for his limited edition book A Selection of Neighbourly Birds, illustrated with etchings printed on an antique intaglio press. This first attempt at publishing prompted a passionate venture into the world of handmade and private press books and prints.

He began to divide his time equally between Vancouver and Fiji, leasing land from the neighbouring family and building for himself a simple home of grass thatch, in the traditional island style. Van Sandwyk settled into a pleasurable routine of winter seasons in Fiji filled with painting and writing, the results of which were brought back to Canada each summer and prepared for exhibition and publication each autumn.

His watercolours, etchings and books are now collected across North America and in Europe. Van Sandwyk continues to divide his time between Vancouver and his beloved Fiji.

Recent publications offered at Ravensara include:

Van Sandwyk’s artistic reflection of Canada is his wonderful book entitled “Canadian Content”. "Canadian Content" has all of our iconic animals including the beaver, the loon, raccoons, the grizzly bear and the polar bear.  It truly is a celebration of Canada and why we love living here.

A recent addition to Charles van Sandwyk's collection of wonderful books is "Mr Rabbit's Symphony of Nature". A joyful story of Mr Rabbit carefully directing a spring symphony of mother nature in all her glorious variety.
A tender and lovingly created celebration.

Animal Wisdom
A hand-sewn, delightfully illustrated book on acid free paper created and self-published by the artist. The calligraphy by the artist weaves simple wisdom (arrows of wisdom fly straight from the heart) with exquisite images.

Affairs of the Heart
Touching portraits and enchanting verses of love in the lives of birds, rabbits, butterflies, squirrels, and bears makes this a perfect gift between lovers, family and friends. The multi-talented Charles van Sandwyk did the illustrations, the verse,the calligraphy and directed the printing.

Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds
An exquisite visual feast with 18 tipped-in colour illustrations echoing the world of Charles’ second home in Fiji.

To purchase Charles van Sandwyk illustrated books, go to our online shop at ravensarashop.com

Photos of Charles van Sandwyk's illustrated books - The Fairy Market, Canadian Content, Mr Rabbit's Symphony of Nature, Animal Wisdom, Affairs of the Heart
Collectible Musical Instruments  

Our current, very popular collectible are reproductions of musical instruments, from brass to violins to pianos to guitars. These high quality, exquisitely detailed musical instruments come with an attached string for easy display and make a perfect gift any time of the year for any lover of music. Check out our online store ravensarashop.com


Photo of various shapes and coloured guitars hanging on gold strings. Photo of various brass instruments hanging on gold string